Cheeky Brush

Discover the Cheeky Brush, a toothbrush that combines functionality with playfulness. With vibrant colors and a unique bristle design, it not only cleans your teeth effectively but also brings a smile to your face. Say goodbye to boring brushing routines and hello to a playful and refreshing dental experience.

Powder Brows Disappeared After Scabbing

Learn why powder brows disappear after scabbing and how to prevent it. Inadequate aftercare, excessive moisturizing, picking scabs, infections, and incorrect techniques can all contribute to this issue. Follow proper aftercare instructions, avoid excessive moisturizing, don’t pick or scratch scabs, maintain good hygiene, and choose an experienced artist for the best results. Contact your artist, follow their advice on touch-ups, and allow sufficient healing time if your powder brows disappear. Understand the scabbing process and the factors that impact healing and scabbing. Avoid common mistakes that lead to the disappearance of powder brows.